Gender: Female
Race: Human
Date of death: 2004 (player-determinant)
Professional status
Affiliation(s): n/a
Partner(s): n/a
Ōgami Yukie desu. I return you to hell.
―Last words to the hengeyōkai

Yukie (ゆきえ Yu Ki eh) is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. She is a young, Japanese demon hunter.


Prior to the game's events, her unnamed master was killed by a creature known as a hengeyōkai, named Zygaena. She then swore to avenge him by slaying the monster. She discovered Zygaena had moved to Los Angeles and followed him there, hiding in a ramen shop in Chinatown.


Yukie is a young and respectful individual, driven by honor and her desire to put her master's soul to rest by killing his murderer. She doesn't speak English very well, regularly combining it with Japanese. She also knows about Kindred, addressing the fledgling as a "demon". She also addresses the Kuei-jin as "ghost people".


As a demon hunter, Yukie is a very talented fighter. She has great knowledge about the supernatural. She prefers to use a katana in battle. If killed, she will drop a katana.

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