Weekapaug Thistle

Source(s): Ocean House Hotel
Grout's Mansion (Plus Patch)
Quest: The Ghost Haunts at Midnight
This petrified reed was not meant to fall into the hands of the Damned, but vampires can benefit from its shamanistic magick all the same. Increases Defense by one point.
― In-game Description

The Weekapaug Thistle is an occult item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


This item increases the wearer's Combat Defense feat by 1.


The Weekapaug Thistle can be found at the top floor of the Ocean House Hotel. After reaching the hallway by climbing up the elevator shaft turn right and enter one of the rooms. Inspect a dresser next to a bed to find it.

In the Plus Patch the location of this item has been swapped with the default one of the skill book Scarlet Torkelson: Circus Performer and is thus found at the library of Grout's Mansion on the secretary desk next to the tape recorder.

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