Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption Soundtrack

Vampire - The Masquerade - Redemption Soundtrack (Cover)
Composed by: Kevin Manthei
Youth Engine
Release date: 2000
Number of tracks: 13
Classification: Industrial, alternative rock, gothic rock, industrial rock, dark pop
Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption Soundtrack is the only released soundtrack that contains licensed and original music.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1 "Creepy Green Light" Type O Negative 6:55
2 "Redemption Theme" Kevin Manthei 2:02
3 "Bleed" Youth Engine 3:55
4 "Guilty" Gravity Kills 4:01
5 "Revive" Youth Engine 4:15
6 "Bad Blood" Ministry 4:58
7 "Prague Ardan Chantry" Kevin Manthei 1:31
8 "I Want to Kill You" Darling Violetta 6:14
9 "Real Hi" Youth Engine 2:48
10 "Dark Ages Boss 2" Kevin Manthei 1:36
11 "Hinterland" Cubanate 6:08
12 "Tenebrae" Youth Engine 2:50
13 "Electric Uncle Sam" Primus 2:56

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