Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Soundtrack

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Complete Soundtrack
Release date: 2004
Number of tracks: 9 (+ video)
Disc length: 46:04
Release type: CD
Classification: Industrial, industrial metal, gothic metal, alternative rock, dark pop
Performed by: Ministry, Tiamat, Daniel Ash, Chiasm, Genitorturers, Die My Darling, Aerial2012, Darling Violetta, Lacuna Coil
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Soundtrack is the only released soundtrack that contains music from nightclubs and bars.


The soundtrack was released as a limited edition CD to customers who pre-ordered the game through Best Buy. It features nine tracks by artists including Daniel Ash, Chiasm, Tiamat, Darling Violetta, Genitorturers and Lacuna Coil. "Bloodlines" by Ministry was composed and performed specifically for the game. The licensed tracks were chosen by Activision without input from Troika.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length Location
1 "Bloodlines" Ministry 7:16 Confession
2 "Come Alive" Daniel Ash 5:55 Museum of Natural History (radio), Glaze
3 "Cain" Tiamat 5:27 Asp Hole
4 "Swamped" Lacuna Coil 4:02 Asp Hole, end credits
5 "Isolated" Chiasm 5:17 The Asylum
6 "Needle's Eye" Die My Darling 3:55 In-game radio
7 "Pound" Aerial2012 5:32 Glaze
8 "Lecher Bitch" Genitorturers 4:15 The Last Round
9 "Smaller God" Darling Violetta 4:25 Santa Monica Pier (radio), Empire Arms Hotels
10 "Swamped" (Video) Lacuna Coil 4:02 N/A



Albums Soundtrack (Redemption / Bloodlines)
Songs "Bad Blood" • "Bloodlines" • "Cain" • "Come Alive" • "Creepy Green Light" • "Electric Uncle Sam" • "Guilty" • "Hinterland" • "I Want to Kill You" • "Isolated" • "Lecher Bitch" • "Needle's Eye" • "Pound" • "Smaller God" • "Swamped"

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