• Chronias

    Velia LeQuella is an unconventional Salubri elder. Being a self-contained virtual paradox as this sounds, likely due to her non-standard-ness a successful survivor of the Tremere campaign to dishonor, usurrp and effectively destroy this now dwindling bloodline of hers. Once a full-fledged clan of mystic healers and knights of valor, in nights passed also called "Unicorns" (after the charge on their coat of arms), when the Salubri were honored by both Kindred and Kine and served as distinguished assets of Princes, and mortal peronages of power. Now-a-nights they are at best shunned or at worst hunted on sight bearing the nicname "Cyclops" or "Soul-suckers" respectively.

    By vocation she was originally a mystic healer herself but in her more pr…

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