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This page holds the various main events that occur throughout the game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Background events that occur before the game are included as well.


October 22/23, 2004 – Night 1

  • The Protagonist is Embraced by his or her sire. The Protagonist escapes attacking Sabbat after the sire is executed by The Sheriff.
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Mercurio?
    • The Protagonist meets Mercurio, who was injured after attempting to buy Astrolite from Dennis. The Protagonist is tasked with acquiring the Astrolite from Dennis' gang.
  • Surf's Up
    • The Protagonist acquires the Astrolite from Dennis' gang.
  • Explosive Beginning
    • Mercurio informs the Protagonist that the feud between Bertram Tung and Therese Voerman must end so the Protagonist can access the Sabbat Warehouse.
    • The Ghost Haunts at Midnight
    • Slashterpiece
      • The Protagonist defiles the paintings at an art gallery at Jeanette's request. The Protagonist then defeats the Blood Guardian that appears shortly afterward. The Protagonist returns to The Asylum, finding Therese furious. Therese tasks the Protagonist with finding Jeanette at a nearby diner.
    • Bad Blood
      • The Protagonist answers a phone call at the diner, with Therese and Jeanette threatening to kill the other on the other end.
    • Sibling Rivalry
      • The Protagonist finds Therese and Jeanette holding a gun, with each sister threatening to kill the other. One or both sisters will survive the confrontation.

October 23/24, 2004 – Night 2

  • Explosive Beginning
    • Tung helps the Protagonist get to the Sabbat Warehouse. The Protagonist destroys the Warehouse with Astrolite. When leaving, the Protagonist encounters Beckett.

October 24/25, 2004 – Night 3

  • Explosive Beginning
    • The Protagonist goes downtown and is knocked out by a Sabbat attacker. Three Sabbat consider harming the Protagonist further, but Nines Rodriguez prevents this from happening. One of the Sabbat attack Nines anyway, causing the Sabbat attacker to be killed. Nines then tells the Protagonist to meet him later.
    • Officer Chunk is hired to be a receptionist in the Venture Tower if he survived the events of Slashterpiece.
    • The Protagonist meets with LaCroix, who tells the Protagonist to investigate the Elizabeth Dane.
  • Elizabethan Rendezvous
    • The Protagonist investigates the Elizabeth Dane. The ship manifest is taken and the Ankaran Sarcophagus is found by the Protagonist.

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