• I suppose, in some ways, spoilers? I'm not sure, considering how old this game is and how inactive this seems to be, but hopefully someone might be able to help me out!

    I was wondering, if you opted to not go with the Camarilla ending and therefore let Sebastian LaCroix die - what would happen to his Ghoul, Mercurio? Or, I suppose, in general, what happens to a Ghoul if their 'master' (?) dies? Can they take blood from someone else or will they go back to 'normal' living without their particular 'brand' of blood? 

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, and if I've somehow missed the answer to this elsewhere, I'm sorry!

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    • You'd be suprised at the visitor count, especially for a wiki on a game as old and "underground" (for lack of a better word) as 'Bloodlines'.

      But now to your question, I can unfortunately not give you an answer, since saying anything on Mercurio's status after the ending would be a guess at best. However, what happens to a Ghoul when their Master dies is something I can answer as it is actually the premise of a side-quest, called 'Attention Whore' which you can read a little bit about here.

      It seems the Ghoul goes through a state similer to withdrawal, from this it can be guessed that after they kick their 'addiction' they can carry on as normal. The only problem is that Mercurio is older then he appears, he is actually 60 years old, so this raises the question if he didn't find a replacement, would he begin to age? And if so, would it be rapidly?

      Sorry to answer your question with another question, but I hoped this helped in some way or another.

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    • Based on the rules of the VtM tabletop system, if a ghoul doesn't drink vitae for a month, their real age catches up with them rapidly - this can be disorientating, damaging and occasionally fatal. However, ANY vitae will do; the loyalty comes from tehe blood bond formed from drinking a particular vampire's blood.

      Which leads to the interesting scenario of rogue, unattached ghouls hunting vampires for their next fix...

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    • Someone like Mercurio would proably be snatched up by another vampire fast after their master died. 

      Unlike other ghouls which are kept around becuse their owners want a blood doll or plaything, Mercurio's ghouling is a buisness relationship, as he has alot to offer anyone who is his regent 

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    • Some Anarch Ventrue would have probably Embraced him, he is too valuable to waste, and much more potent as a vampire than a ghoul.

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    • Uhm... this time is really hard to reply. This is the 1,000,000 $ ask.

      Mercurio was a Ventrue ghoul, then he sure will seek for another Kindred with similar views than LaCroix.

      I think that good candidates to have him will be VV or Isaac.

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    • Odds are Mercurio will probably land on his feet either following the Fledgling into the Anarchs, moving to Hollywood, or fleeing back to some other Camarilla territory.

      It's not clear who exactly was giving him the blood. Assuming it was LaCroix?

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