• well yeah, this is the letter

    i wanna know what the hell hapenned with the protagonist, so smiling jack planted a bom on the ankaran sarcophagus, did the character die or what?

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    • There is five different endings for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. In the endings where Smiling Jack plants C4 in the sarcophagus it is unknown if the Protagonists survives, but looking at the cutscene, it is presumably he/she did not survive the blast.

      It's one of the most criticized endings of the game for obvious reasons, and most believe it was the designers first hack at a 'Twist/suprise' kind of ending. Hope this answered your question.

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    • I think that the Protagonist survive.

      Seeing the cutscene, he/she move away, leaving the prince with the sarcophagus, then he/she have taken for sure the elevator for coming down, and considering a matter of minutes beforeLacroix open the sarcophagus and the explosion blow all, I think that he/she is came at the street level, then in a matter of seconds he/she can take the door and jump in the sewers or exit from the main door.

      I want remember to alls that the tower explode only at the top, not totally.

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