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Therese Voerman's computer is located on the desk in the Voerman sisters' bedroom in The Asylum.

The Asylum – Good Evening, Miss Voerman

Email for TVoerman

[1] Nectar of the Gods

<Subject> Nectar of the Gods
<From> Vandal Cleaver
I'll be hiding out until your sister calms down. Let her know I pose no threat, and have her contact me when all is well.

[2] Halting Construction

<Subject> Halting Construction
<From> Julian Johnson
Look, Ms. Voerman. I'm really sorry to do this, but the men won't work there anymore. They say it's haunted.

[3] re: Santa Monica is MY city!

<Subject> re: Santa Monica is MY city!
<From> Jeanette
Why are you always so mean? Bertie's not so bad once you get to know him. You're the disgusting one!

[4] re: Santa Monica is MY city!

<Subject> re: Santa Monica is MY city!
<From> Jeanette
No, your bitchy attitude is tearing us apart. You need to cool off, why don't you go swim in the Pacific and look for your pendant?

Business Associates

  • Sebastian LaCroix – (213) 555-4508, Ext 702, Camarilla Prince of L.A.
  • Bertram Tung – btung@schrecknet.vtm, Local Nosferatu.
  • Julian Johnson – (310) 555-3657, jj@construction.vtm, Community Construction.
  • Jeff "The Flow" Miller – (213) 555-2617, theflow@undergroundsound.vtm, Disk Jockey.
  • Vandal Cleaver – (310) 555-7280, Blood Bank Manager.
  • Pierre LaBeau – (818) 555-9072, Art Coordinator.


  • The password for Therese's emails is "1baroness3".
  • The password for Therese's contacts is "business".

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