The Pain of Being Mercurio

Quest-giver: Mercurio
Location: Santa Monica
Reward: Experience Rewarded (Icon) 1 XP
Humanity Gain (Icon) Humanity Gain
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisite: Wherefore Art Thou, Mercurio?
Next quest: Thinned Blood
The Pain of Being Mercurio is a quest available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


After first meeting Mercurio, and acquiring the quest Surf's Up, ask him if he is in pain to receive this quest.



  1. Enter the Medical Clinic.
  2. Speak with Heather Poe and obtain the quest Trick or Treatment. (optional)
  3. Either break into Malcolm's office or obtain Malcolm's Office Key.
  4. Grab the three Morphine Bottles on Malcolm's desk.
  5. Return to Mercurio.
  6. Quest Log Updated (Icon) Quest complete.


Medical Clinic (Entrance)

The Medical Clinic

Leave Mercurio's apartment building and head down the street towards the Medical Clinic.
Note: If this is the fledgling's first time entering, a fanatic ghoul named Knox will approach and speak to them.

The Medical Clinic has two entrances, one in the very front and another in the alley around the back. Depending on clan or preference, taking the back entrance will avoid any unwanted sightings, especially for the Nosferatu. When choosing the front door, the clinic receptionist will demand a reason as to why the fledgling is simply walking in. With at least two points in Persuasion, the fledgling may convince her they are either fixing the building's network or retrieving personal items.

Heather Clinic

Woman gravely injured

There are several areas of interest in the Medical Clinic, including an important one in Room 1, on the first floor. A wounded woman lies on an examination table covered in blood. Speak with her to obtain the quest Trick or Treatment, which may result in the fledgling receiving their very own ghoul.

Continuing down the hallway on the first floor, find a room marked "Dr. Malcolm St. Martin." Getting inside this room is the primary objective for this quest. There are a couple different ways of getting into this room, but the easiest is to use a lockpick, which can be obtained from the tutorial or purchased from Trip's Pawnshop. This will only work with a rank of four in the Lockpicking Feat, however — if needed, use Bloodbuff to increase the required feat. There is also a key to the office, though somewhat tricky to obtain.

Malcolm Clinic

Door to Malcolm's office

To get Malcolm's Office Key, head to the second floor of the clinic and into the Security room. Here, find a Maintenance Room Key which will open the door marked "Maintenance." Now, climb up into the air ducts and drop down the tunnel to the right. Open the next duct opening to drop into a previously inaccessible room that contains Malcolm's Office Key.

Regardless of which way used to get inside, grab the three Morphine Bottles on Malcolm's desk and bring them back to Mercurio. (Humanity Gain (Icon) Humanity Gain, 1XP, Quest Log Updated (Icon) quest complete)

Quest Log

Log Entry
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: Upon receiving quest:
Mercurio is in need of some serious painkillers.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: Upon completion:
You've eased Mercurio's pain by doping him up with morphine.
  • Quest Complete (Icon) Quest Complete



  • If the fledgling is a Malkavian, an alternate way to obtain the key to the second floor is to use Dementation with the receptionist at the front desk.
  • If the fledgling is a Ventrue, an alternate way to obtain the key to the second floor is to Dominate the receptionist at the front desk.


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