The Odious Chalice

Effect(s): Stores extra blood points
Source(s): Pisha
Buying cost: n/a
Selling cost: n/a
Quest: Occultish Personality
The perverse creation of a Tzimisce fleshcrafter, this abomination is forced to live a tortured eternity in servitude to the damned. As you kill enemies, the Chalice will fill with blood. Use the Chalice to feed from it and gain its stored vitae.

The Odious Chalice is an occult item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. This artifact will store the blood of the fledgling's victims, so they may later replenish their blood points by feeding on it.


Pisha will reward this item once the fledgling has obtained the Fetish Statue during the quest Occultish Personality.


  • The item has Number of blood points stored: "x" in its description, automatically keeping track of how much blood it currently holds.
  • The Chalice is an application of the Tzimisce's Discipline of Vicissitude.
  • There is a potential bug within the game that will stop the Chalice being usable if it's on the right side of your inventory. Moving items around so it's on the left side appears to resolve.

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