The Cathayan's laptop is placed on a desk in Foxy Boxes.

Temple of Golden Virtue – Progress Reports

Cainite Observation

10/12/04 – Report 01

My initial observations of the city indicate that the Cainites here are both scattered and unorganized. There are three individuals of note, but they seem to be involved in some sort of dispute. I shall continue to watch and listen.

10/18/04 – Report 02

These Cainites are a curious and fragile race. They waste the gift of their immortality on petty schemings and fleshly gain. We will have little problem making this city our own.

10/21/04 – Report 03

It seems that my presence here has been noted by one of the Cainites, a 'Nosferatu' I believe they are called. He has entrusted the responsibility of my surveillance to a bumbling mortal fool. I have begun to follow this so-called spy... a small, amusing respite from my usual duties.

10/22/04-1 – Report 04

It seems that I have drawn the attention of a newcomer, an agent of the prince. I know very little about this individual, but the agent seems much more resourceful than most Cainites I have observed. I will prepare myself in the event that our paths cross.

10/22/04-2 – Report 05

The agent of whom I spoke before has discovered the corpse of Virgil Crumb. An altercation seems imminent. If I do not survive, let my last report state that Santa Monica is ripe for the taking. You will find little resistance if we come here in force.

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