Serena is a vampire of Clan Cappadocian. She is the childe of Garinol and a companion of Christof Romuald. Like all in her clan Serena has a corpse-like appearance, yet it is obvious that even if pale she retains her natural beauty. Serena is a scholar first and foremost and not really adept at combat, acting as a support character to the others using her supernatural senses, resilience and the powers over the dead to aid the party.

Like all Cappadocians, she has their three basic Disciplines: Auspex (supernatural senses), Fortitude (resilience) and Mortis (the power that grants her control over the dead). She will be able to raise killed enemies and summon spirits, rather useful abilities adding an additional group member. She acts as an advisor to Christof and probably has the best understanding of the pain that is in his heart. Her current location is unknown although it is probable that she died due to the extinction of the Cappadocian clan.

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