Gender: Female
Race: Human
Date of death: 2004 (player-determinant)
Professional status

Samantha is a minor character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. She is the only person met in the game who knew the fledgling before their Embrace.


Events of Bloodlines

Samantha has been searching for the fledgling for an indeterminate amount of time, starting prior to the game's events. After completing the quest Dead Ex, she will confront the fledgling in Hollywood, beside herself with shock and relief. She says she will contact their friends and family. Not preventing this results in a Masquerade Violation (Icon) Masquerade Violation and Samantha will continuously follow the fledgling until dealt with.

There are numerous ways to prevent this.

  1. Feed on her before she makes the call.
  2. Kill her before she makes the call. Humanity Lost (Icon) Humanity Lost
  3. Persuade her to drop it and go back home. This results in Masquerade Redemption (Icon) Masquerade Redemption.
  4. If Ventrue, Dominate her.
  5. Intimidate her. If the required skill is not high enough, the Beast will take over and kill her.
  6. If Malkavian, use Dementation to convince her the fledgling is in fact her pet turtle.
  7. Distracting abilities such as Hysteria, Brain Wipe, and possibly Nightwisp Ravens, can also be used to prevent her making the call.
  8. If Nosferatu, the fledgling will not encounter her at all.


  • If the fledgling allows Samantha to make the phone call, she will call someone named "Jenny", presumably another friend or family member of the fledgling.
  • In the original manual for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, the story mentions that the fledgling apparently disappeared from a "seedy club" around the Sunset Strip in Hollywood after being seduced by their deceased sire. This is the reason Samantha is there.


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