Royal Flush

Quest-giver: Either Maximillian Strauss, Nines Rodriguez,Ming Xiao, or the Cab Driver
Location: Venture Tower, Downtown
Type: Main Quest
Prerequisite: Ming Must Die! (if siding with Strauss, the Anarchs or no one.)
Royal Flush is a quest available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


This quest is triggered during the Anarchs, Camarilla, and No Allegiance endings after the quest Ming Must Die!.



  • Arrive at Venture Tower
  • Chunk will tell you that you can't enter.
    • You will either have to use conversation skills to get Chunk to let you in, or fight him.
  • Proceed to the elevators in the middle of the floor, a number of security guards will be waiting and attack.
  • Once the elevator arrives try to go up to the Penthouse, the elevator will stop after several floors.
  • Crouch to exit the elevator, several security guards are on this floor who can be fought/avoided.
  • Take a flight of stairs up to the next level.
  • Enter a large cafeteria room, when passing through several heavily armed humans will break through the glass ceiling above and attack.
  • Head up the staircase on the far side of the room, another door will open onto the roof area where the guards attacked from.
  • On the far side is a large pipe, crouch under it and then climb up the inside.
  • After exiting the pipe there will be more heavily armed guards to deal with. One is being dominated by LaCroix and a short dialogue will appear.
  • Once the dominated guard dies he will drop Astrolite which can be picked up.
    • (optional) Plant the Astrolite on the lift and send it up to kill all enemies on the next floor.
  • Use either the lift or stairs to proceed to the next floor. If Astrolite was not used there will be several more guards to fight.
  • Take the next elevator to proceed higher up the tower.
  • After exiting the elevator a number of Ventrue vampires will attack. Proceed up the stairs and deal with them.
  • Proceed around the level, you will come to a boardroom with another elevator at the end of it.
  • Enter the room ahead where The Sheriff is waiting.
  • The Sheriff will melee attack but also has a teleportation ability (similar to the earlier fight with The Chang Brothers.)
  • Once his health is depleted the Sheriff will morph into a large bat like creature, grab the fledgling and throw them outside the tower.
  • During this phase of the fight the Sheriff has a ranged ability which can severely slow and disorient the fledgling.
    • (optional) Use the spotlights to temporarily blind the Sheriff and force him to land, making it easier to attack him.
  • Once the Sheriff is destroyed the fledgling will proceed to the top of the tower to deal with LaCroix.
    • The exact outcome of this depends on conversation choices and which faction the player has chosen to side with.

Quest Log

This section is incomplete and requires expansion.
Log Entry
Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: Upon receiving quest
Deliver the key to the prince, and deal with him.


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