Effect(s): n/a
Source(s): Ocean House Victim
Buying cost: n/a
Selling cost: n/a
Quest: The Ghost Haunts at Midnight
This exquisite pendant looks polished, though it was found in the charred ruins of the Ocean House. When you hold it in your palm for a few seconds, you're overwhelmed with a sense of profound sadness.
―In-game description

The pendant is a quest item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It was given to the Ocean House victim by her mother. The Ocean House killer believed the pendant to be a gift from a lover, and his jealousy would eventually drive him insane, causing him to kill his family.

The pendant can either be given to Therese Voerman, who will hire an exorcist to free the victim who is bound to the pendant, or it can be given to Jeanette Voerman, who will throw it into the ocean.


  • This item is required to finish the quest, and as such is a mandatory pickup.

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