Peepin' – A Voyeur's Field Guide

Skill Book
Stat increase: Stealth
Level: 0
Research requirement: 2
Location: Pawnshop Lodgings, apartment 507
Peeping's not just for lonely, perverted losers any more. In fact, at least three psychologists say it's a healthy form of sexual expression. Every good voyeur needs to develop a sneaking game. Get used to crouching and evenly distributing the weight as you walk. Stick to shadows and behind cover. You'll be taping tittays in no time. This book raises your Stealth Skill.
― In-game Description

The book Peepin' – A Voyeur's Field Guide is an item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It is a skill book which when read boosts the characters Stealth skill.


  • Under the sink in apartment 507 of the Pawnshop Lodgings.

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