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Occult Items are a subset of items in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Occult Items may boost the fledgling's powers, grant passives, or decrease the chances of negative effects; excluding The Odious Chalice, which instead stores extra blood points for later consumption.

Note: Some of the item locations and the way to acquire them has been changed with the Unofficial Patch+. Below are the locations of the items for each patch, including items which were previously removed from the game.

List of occult itemsEdit

Name Image Effects Location
Weekapaug Thistle
WeekapaugthistleAdds 1 point to the Defense feat.Found at the Ocean House hotel. (Classic)
Found at Grout's Mansion. (plus patch)
100pxDecreases the chance of Frenzy.Found at Grout's Mansion.
Mummywrap Fetish
MummywrapfetishIncreases passive health regeneration.Found at 609 King's Way.
SauloceptGrants the fledgling one point of experience for every three or more points.Found at the Giovanni Stronghold.
GaldjumAdds a 25% bonus to the duration of passive Disciplines.Found in the Nosferatu Warrens. (Classic)
Found in the Skyeline haven. (plus patch)
Fae Charm
FaecharmAdds 1 point to Dexterity.Purchase from Tseng's Herbal Remedies in Chinatown.
Heart of Eliza
HeartofelizaAdds 1 point to Melee.Purchase from Tseng's Herbal Remedies in Chinatown. (Classic)
From Mr. Ox as a quest reward. (plus patch)
Bloodstar20% Bloodbuff duration.
Note: When used in tandem with the Galdjum, they will stack for a larger increase.
From Maximillian Strauss as a quest reward.
DaimonoriAdds 140% Thaumaturgy damage.
Note: Available to Tremere fledglings only.
Found in the Tremere Chantry in Downtown LA.
Rune of the Third Eye
RuneofthethirdeyeIncreases defense against Gargoyle attacks.
Note: It may possibly be a reference to the third eye of the Salubri.
From Strauss as a quest reward.
Key of Alamut
KeyofalamutAdds +1 to Soak.From Pisha as a quest reward.
The Odious Chalice
TheodiouschaliceStores extra blood points.From Pisha as a quest reward.

Restored items via Patch+Edit

Name Image Effects Location
ZharalkethAdds 140% to Obfuscate duration.Found in the Nosferatu haven.
Braid Talisman
N/AAdds one point to Computers.Found in the library.
Antique Locket
N/AAdds one point to Security.From Mr. Ox as a quest reward.
Pearl of Dubai
Pearl of DubaiAdds one point to Charisma.From Strauss as a quest reward.


  • With a low Research stat, an occult item may show up as an "Occult powerup", and have varying descriptions.
    • "You have no clue what this thing is, but it looks eeeeeeevil."
    • "It isn't a WWJD bracelet, so you have no idea what it could be."

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