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In Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, there are a few items of occult origin that boost the protagonist's powers.

Name Image Location/Effect(s)
Weekapaug Thistle
WeekapaugthistleThis item can be found in the Ocean House Hotel. It adds a point to the Defense feat. It is located in the first hotel room when you head to your right after the falling elevator scene, located in a dresser by the bed.
Tarulfang2An item that can be found in Aleister Grout's mansion. It decreases the chance of Frenzy.
Mummywrap Fetish
MummywrapfetishThis useful item can be found in the Tzimisce house in the Hollywood hills. It helps the player to regenerate faster.
"A tidal chorus of whispers washes across your thoughts. They seem to be offering guidance, but their message eludes your conscious mind. Their motivations are unknown, but you find yourself increasingly willing to submit to their guidance. As long as you possess the Saulocept, you will gain an extra point of experience every time you are awarded three or more experience. Saulocept may or may not have other effects."
―In-game Description
The Saulocept can be found in the Giovanni mansion. It gives the player one point of experience bonus for every experience gain of 3 or more points.
GaldjumA very powerful item that can be found in the Nosferatu warrens. It gives the player a 25% bonus to the duration of the passive Disciplines.
Fae Charm
FaecharmThis item can be purchased from Tseng. It gives the player +1 to Dexterity.
Heart of Eliza
HeartofelizaIt can be purchased from Tseng. It gives the player +1 to Melee.
BloodstarThe Bloodstar is given to the player by Maximillian Strauss if (s)he solves the plaguebearer problem. It doubles the duration of Bloodbuff. Used in tandem with the Galdjum, it can dramatically increase the duration of this Discipline.
DaimonoriFor a Tremere, the Daimonori is an exceptionally useful item. It makes Thaumaturgy's effects more powerful. It can be found inside the haven in the chantry. Only accessible if the player is a Tremere.
Rune of the Third Eye
RuneofthethirdeyeAn item given to the player by Strauss in order to fight the Gargoyle. It decreases the damage done by such creatures to the player. It is possibly a reference to the third eye of the Salubri.
Key of Alamut
KeyofalamutThe Key of Alamut is an item that is given by Pisha if the protagonist retrieves the Voce del Morte from the Giovanni's possession. It offers the player a +1 to all his soak ratings.
The Odious Chalice
TheodiouschaliceA creation of the Tzimisce using Vicissitude, this item is a living one. It stores blood points from the fallen enemies that can be drunk by the protagonist. It is given by Pisha after the player retrieves the Fetish Statue from the museum.
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