Name: Nagaraja
Plural: Nagaraja
Pronunciation: nah-gah-ra'-jah
Nickname(s): Flesh Eaters
Faction: Independent (formerly True Black Hand)
Discipline(s): Necromancy, Nihilistics, Auspex, Dominate
The Nagaraja are a bizarre bloodline of flesh-eating vampires, feared by Kindred on all sides of the world. They must consume flesh because Vitae is not enough to sustain them – it makes them the most reviled and "unnatural" of the bloodlines. This gave them a grim outlook on life, as they view themselves as a "mantis".

They have pointed, irregular teeth, rather than the usual retractable fangs. This means that they seldom smile, and they tend to speak quietly around mortals – unless they plan to eat them.

The only known Nagaraja in the game is Pisha.


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Bloodlines GargoyleNagaraja

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