Mercurio's Journal

Effect(s): n/a
Source(s): Mercurio
Buying cost: n/a
Selling cost: n/a
Quest: Surf's Up / Explosive Beginning

Mercurio's Journal is an item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


If during the quest Surf's Up The Protagonist threatens to report Mercurio to the prince for his failures it is possible that Mercurio will then attack and have to be killed. His journal can then be collected to replace his instructions to complete this quest and begin the next.


Prince wants me to help some fresh punk blow up that Sabbat Warehouse.

Don't forget to pick up the Astrolite from Dennis.

Note: Find out how to get to the Warehouse from Bertram Tung.

Damn vampire political bullshit. Tong is hiding out because of a feud with Therese.

Remember to go talk to Therese at the Asylum before the new blood gets here.

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