English voice: André Sogliuzzo
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Ghoul)
Date of birth: 1940s
Date of death: 2004 (Player determinant)
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Camarilla
Partner(s): Sebastian LaCroix (regnant)
What's else to tell? I can get everything what everyone wants at any time, well until now.
― Mercurio to the fledgling

Mercurio is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

He is Sebastian LaCroix's ghoul, and agent in Santa Monica. He provides the fledgling with quests and information. Later in the game, he will also provide unique weapons. He works part-time as a smuggler and information broker. He seems to have connections in the Black Market trade.


Mercurio works as LaCroix's main contact in Santa Monica. It is Mercurio that the Prince sends the fledgling to for guidance on how to be "useful." Mercurio then becomes the fledgling's first primary contact.

The fledgling's first interaction with Mercurio is through an email, which goes as follows:

Subject: Welcome
Hey. Welcome to town. Come on over to my place once you get situated, and we'll talk about what you'll need to get the job done. I'm going to pick up explosives right now, some Astrolite...I should be back by the time you come over. I'm at 24 Main Street, in number 4. Walk to the end of the alley and my building is the next one on the right.
Later, as the player exits from the pawnshop's lodges, he sees an injured Mercurio, who is struggling to get in his apartment. When going inside his apartment, he's lying on the couch.

Mercurio then tells the player that when he went to pick up the astrolite, the gang members betrayed him to take his money and nearly beat him to death. So the player is sent by Mercurio to retrieve both the astrolite, his money and some painkillers. He begs to the player to not report his failure to LaCroix, promising that he will have a way to get to the player what he wants.

Later when the player brings back the astrolite and his money, he will be overjoyed if the player killed the thugs as well. So Mercurio gives him the next task, to find Bertram Tung, a Nosferatu vampire that can get him into the warehouse. Unfortunately he's in a feud with Therese Voerman, and the player has to contact Therese to make her call off the feud.

Later, if the player didn't report Mercurio's failure to LaCroix, he will be grateful and will offer his services to the player, from special weaponry to information for the rest of the game.

Personality and Traits

Mercurio is a very reliable individual, who can be completely trusted according to Rosa. He dresses in suit which is reminiscent of those wore by wiseguys and mafioso. Like all ghouls, he doesn't age and is stronger than a normal human. Even though his master is a Camarilla prince, he respects the Anarchs, especially Isaac Abrams, calling him a "cool customer".

Mercurio is almost sixty years old, but due to the vampire blood he receives monthly, he appears much younger. He prides himself that he can "get anything, anybody wants at any time."

If the player doesn't reveal Mercurio's failure, he will be very friendly and provide information and unique weapons.

At some point in the past, he was assaulted by the Sabbat while on guard duty with two ghouls and a vampire. Only him and another one escaped the massacre.


Note: Mercurio will only be able to provide the player with weapons if they do not tell LaCroix that he failed to pick up the Astrolite himself. Otherwise, LaCroix will tell the fledgling that he would "deal with this disappointment," and Mercurio will disappear. Also if the player threatens to reveal his failure, he will ambush the player the next time.
Item Price Stock
Jaegerspas XV
Jaegerspas XV
$513 1
$90 1
Bush Hook
Bush Hook
$324 1
Steyr Aug
Steyr Aug
$675 1
McLusky Calibre 0.50 (2)
McLusky Calibre 0.50
$540 1
$540 1
Ammunition Varies

Related Quests

Wherefore Art Thou, Mercurio? (automatic)
After witnessing the beheading of their sire, the fledgling is sent to Santa Monica by LaCroix, who orders them to find his agent Mercurio.
The Pain of Being Mercurio (optional)
Mercurio is in dire need of some painkillers, which can be obtained at the Medical Clinic.
Surf's Up
The Astrolite, now out of Mercurio's hands and into anothers', must be retrieved from the Beach House.
Explosive Beginning
Mercurio provides an in through Bertram Tung, who is the only person able to infiltrate the Sabbat's warehouse. Unfortunately, he's tied up in a spat with Therese Voerman.


  • According to the Thin Blood seer Rosa, Mercurio is one of the only two people the fledgling can trust, the other being Beckett. In her prophecy, Mercurio is "the man on the couch."
  • A Malkavian fledgling will refer to Mercurio as "Mercury."
  • If the player visits Mercurio at the end of the game, there's an Easter egg where he will talk about the game's developers.


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