Lassiter Killmatic

Lassiter Killmatic
Type: Bullet
Base damage: 2
Lethality: 10
Rate of fire: 0.3
Range: 50
Spread angle: 5.0
Accuracy: 6
Criminal level: 4
Ammo: 33
Reload rate: 2.5
Value: $576
Item ID: item_w_uzi
The Uzi was developed to be a reliable and compact gun, robust enough to take a lot of punishment, and accurate enough to dish it out in a hurry. The ergonomic design of the Uzi was one of the first to incorporate a wrap-around bolt and blowback action and to contain the magazine housing inside the pistol grip for quick and easy reloads. Limited recoil and climb make one handed firing feasible.
―In-game Description

The Lassiter Killmatic, also known as the Uzi, is a ranged weapon in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

It is chambered for 9x19mm, has a magazine capacity of 33 rounds, and is the full-sized sub-machine gun variant. In the hands of a fledgling with maxed-out firearm skills, it is arguably one of the best firearms available, as at that skill level its recoil is quite manageable and its damage is quite effective.


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