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Knox Harrington

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Knox Harrington
Knox Harrington
Voice Actor: Greg Ellis
Biographical information
Name: Knox Harrington
Gender: Male
Species: Ghoul
Sire: Bertram Tung
Affiliations: Bertram Tung
Arthur Kilpatrick
“I don't know how much I should tell you, but - oh man, damn! - it would be awesome to talk to someone else "on the inside", know what I mean?”
― Knox to the player
Knox Harrington is a ghoul of the local Nosferatu legend, Bertram Tung, whom the player encounters in Santa Monica.


Personable, overzealous and upbeat, Knox is introduced to the player early in-game, via bumping into him in front of the Santa Monica clinic or inside The Asylum. Not much is known about Knox's past, other than the encounter that led to him becoming Tung's ghoul, and that his previous occupation was being a bounty hunter, employed by Arthur Kilpatrick.

He somewhat affectionately refers to Tung as the "nasty dude". Knox is extremely happy with his new status as ghoul, taking the time to explain all the benefits he has gained if asked by the player.

By speaking with Knox, the player can obtain valuable information about ghouls in general, as well as a quest that helps to eventually direct you to Tung, allowing you to advance further in the main quest line.


Knox is described by Tung as being "able to track like a bloodhound". Coming across as initially motor-mouthed and unsuspecting, it is insinuated that he is much cleverer than let on, going so far as to trick the player if their Inspection is not high enough.

Knox is identifiable by his enthusiastic manner of speaking. He will often punctuate dialogue with exclamations such as "aw, man!" or "hey girl/pal, what's up?".


As a ghoul, Knox has superior strength, agility and a longer lifespan than normal humans, for as long as he gets his master's blood. He also is an expert tracker, which is why Bertram Tung chose him as his ghoul.


  • When talking to Tung, it can be revealed that most of what Knox said to the player during their first meeting were actually pre-made lines Tung had fed him. This also proves that Knox is far sharper than he appears.

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