Gender: Female
Race: Vampire (Kuei-jin)
Final Death: 2004 (player determined)
Professional status
Previous affiliation(s): Ming Xiao
Partner(s): The Fledgling
Kalliyan is a minor character in the Clan Quest mod for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. She is a relatively young Kuei-jin who has grown disillusioned with Ming Xiao's leadership of her kind, and seeks to learn more about the Kindred and their ways.


Events of Bloodlines

Kalliyan can be encountered by the fledgling near to the Fu Syndicate building, at any point after first visiting the Temple of Golden Virtue and introducing themselves to Ming Xiao. Kalliyan expresses a desire to get out of Chinatown and enjoy a night partying in Los Angeles with one of the Kindred. With sufficient persuasion, she will reveal that she believes Ming Xiao to be a corrupt and self-serving Elder, unfit to lead the L.A. Kuei-jin. As a result, Kalliyan feels no compunction about disobeying Xiao's edict against fraternisation with western vampires.

Appearance and Personality



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