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Jezebel Locke

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Jezebel Locke
Biographical information
Name: Jezebel Locke
Gender: Female
Species: Kindred
Clan: Toreador (possibly Ventrue)
Affiliations: Bishop Vick
“Are you a believer, little morsel?”
―Jezebel Locke

Jezebel Locke was a vampire living in Downtown L.A. She was a member of the Brotherhood of the 9th Circle, a dangerous vampire blood cult in Los Angeles.


It unknown when Jezebel was sired, or how she became a member of the Brotherhood. But while she was in Los Angeles, Jezebel made use of escorts often while she was living in the classy Empire Hotel in a luxurious suite. She used these women to infect with illness, most likely through feeding off them, so they in turn would infect their clients. One such client was a young escort named Hannah, who later died from Jezebel's illness.


Jezebel's actions finally caught up with her, after the Protagonist began investigating the circle. When they found Hannah, one of the escorts that Jezebel hired, dying in her apartment, she revealed Jezebel as one of her clients, which led the protagonist to go investigate her at the Empire Hotel. Jezebel was attracted to them, trying to persuade them to join the Brotherhood, through subtle offers of sex and pleasure, coupled with her own perverse fetish for disease. The Protagonist refuses and Jezebel pulled a knife on them, resulting in a fight between them. Jezebel met final death.


Jezebel was a particularly sick individual, combined with the fact that she was also a particularly sexual person too. For her, sex and the spread of disease went hand in hand but her madness went so far that she incorporated sickness into her seductions to, making promises of pleasure and illness at the same time.

She was also a particularly devoted and faithful member of the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle, putting all her effort into bringing about its goals. While she is a seductive and beautiful Kindred, she is also a very powerful vampire who uses Presence to cripple her opponent's ability to fight.


  • Jezebel is most likely Ventrue, as she possesses Presence but is referred to by the Malkavian Protagonist by a number of names including "Queen Jezebel" and "Wicked Queen".
  • It is possible for Jezebel to be a Toreador because of her choice for a luxurious suite in the best hotel in town. She is also obsessed with pleasures like a Toreador.
  • Her first name is a reference to Jezebel, the Queen of Israel, long represented as a scheming, manipulative whore. 
  • Guest logs on the Empire Hotel computer say Jezebel is staying in the Brooklyn Suite and she is booked up 'till next month'. This suggests she, and possibly by extension, the Brotherhood are a travelling pack.

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