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Jeanette Voerman's laptop is located on the dressing table in the Voerman sisters' bedroom in The Asylum.

The Asylum – Hello Sweetheart

Email for Jeannie

[1] Taking it underground

<Subject> Taking it underground
<From> Bertram
I'll be hiding out until your sister calms down. Let her know I pose no threat, and have her contact me when all is well.

[2] Friday night

<Subject> Friday night
<From> Mikey
Hey, what are you doing Friday Night? I was thinking about stopping by the club, maybe we can do some... heh... dancing?

[3] Santa Monica is MY city!

<Subject> Santa Monica is MY city!
<From> Therese Voerman
You dirty little slut! How DARE you meddle in the affairs of my city, and with that disgusting Nosferatu no less?

[4] re: Santa Monica is MY city!

<Subject> re: Santa Monica is MY city!
<From> Therese Voerman
I'm disgusting? I'm not the one that let that Nosferatu touch me! Can't you see that he is trying to tear us apart to take over the city?

[5] re: Santa Monica is MY city!

<Subject> re: Santa Monica is MY city!
<From> Therese Voerman
How could you? And now my gallery too? I'm going to show you a little something, Jeanette... the sun!

[6] Freedom

<Subject> Freedom
<From> Jack
The lady by the sea is far too beautiful to be chained to the Camarilla.

Little Black Book

  • Mikey – (310) 555-5337 mikey@yahooligan.vtm – *****
  • Bertie – btung@schrecknet.vtm – **
  • Arthur – (310) 555-9829 – *
  • Jeff – (310) 555-9006 – ****
  • Sara – (310) 555-2216 – ****
  • Jack – (310) 555-8181 – *****
  • Duckling – My new kitten! – ***


  • To access Jeanette's emails the password "wishes" must be entered.
  • To access Jeanette's contacts the password "callme" must be entered.

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