Jaegerspas XV

Jaegerspas XV
Type: Bullet
Base damage: 3
Lethality: 18
Rate of fire: 1.0
Range: 20
Spread angle: 7.0
Accuracy: 6
Criminal level: 4
Ammo: 6
Reload rate: 4.0
Value: $513
Item ID: item_w_supershotgun
The SPAS-15 semi-automatic shotgun looks and fires more like an assault rifle than a traditional shotgun. It delivers bursts of deadly shot at a devastating pace. The SPAS-15 has both semi-automatic and pump action functionality.
―In-game Description

The Jaegerspas XV is a ranged weapon in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

It is chambered for 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, and has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds. The box magazine allows for much faster reloading. It is capable of both fully-automatic fire or manual pump action shots for more accuracy and less muzzle climb.



  • In third person, the player holds and reloads the Jaegerspas XV the same way they do with the Utica M37.
  • The secondary firing mode is unrealistic, since it is usually reserved for low-pressure ammunition that doesn't exert enough force to cycle the gun's mechanism by itself (such as less-lethal beanbag rounds), and no such ammunition is available in the original game.
  • The name "Jaegerspas" can be understood in german as "hunter´s fun".

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