Hannah Glazer

Hannah Glazer
English voice: Debi Mae West
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Date of death: 2004
Place of death: Skyeline Apartments
Professional status
Affiliation(s): n/a
Partner(s): Paul Anderson
Something hot is always going down in here, and that something is usually Hannah herself.
Skyeline Apartments basement computer, resident notes

Hannah Glazer is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. She was a young woman located in Downtown's Skyeline Apartments.


Hannah worked as an escort, visiting clients all over L.A. According to her appointment book, her regular clients included:

Hannah seemed to only work as an escort for the money, disliking most of her clientele. She had a great fondness for her neighbour, Paul, and was asked out by him before falling ill. It is presumed she passed on the illness to Paul after she contracted the disease from a new customer, referred to as Jezebel Locke.


In the short time the player could converse with Hannah, she appeared as a kind woman. Most of her personality was shown in her affection for Paul, calling him a "great guy" and showing concern for his health, somewhat even above her own.

Related Quests

Fun With Pestilence
Damsel has asked the fledgling to find and investigate the source of a plague-like disease suddenly infecting the kine Downtown. She advises them to talk to a Ghoul named Paul Anderson who wasn't "looking so hot" the last time he was seen. Paul, however, turns out to already be dead, and the only clue left is a message on his answering machine, which in turn leads the player to Hannah.


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