Golden Temple

Mind Xiao's domain (Entrance)
Location statistics
Located in: Chinatown
Elysium: Green check.svg
Red x.svg [1]
Inhabitants: Ming Xiao
Enemies: Temple Guardians
Location of quest
Source of quest: Green check.svg[2]
Action of quest: Red x.svg
Green check.svg [3]

The Golden Temple is a location in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It serves as the haven of its Kuei-jin Baroness, Ming Xiao, in Chinatown.

The Golden Temple was in Chinatown long before the Kuei-jin arrived. After the vampires of the East's occupation of the town, Ming Xiao claimed the Golden Temple as her own. It is a huge network of corridors and rooms, housing many ninjas and martial artists.

Related Quests



  1. Only during Ming Must Die! quest.
  2. During Kuei-jin ending
  3. Only during Ming Must Die! quest.


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