Going the Way of Kings

King's Way 609 (Entrance)
Quest-giver: Isaac Abrams
Location: Hollywood
Reward: Experience Rewarded (Icon) 6 XP
Type: Main Quest
Prerequisite: Snuff Is Enough
Next quest: The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus (continuation)
Going the Way of Kings is a quest available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


With the retrieval of the Horror Tape Part 2 during the Snuff Is Enough quest, Isaac determines the fledgling must go to 609 King's Way to confront the film's creator, and gain access to the Nosferatu.



  1. Take taxi or sewers to 609 King's Way.
  2. Scale the trellis along the wall of the house.
  3. Climb the spiral staircase leading to the third floor.
  4. Enter the house proper through the sliding glass door.
  5. Pick up the Mummywrap Fetish on the table in the second room.
  6. Descend the nearby stairs, and pick up a Fancy Ring.
  7. Pick up a Blood Pack and a Blue Blood Pack from the refrigerator.
  8. Continue down into the basement.
  9. Speak with and defeat Andrei.
  10. Quest Log Updated (Icon) Quest complete.
  11. Exit through the double doorway into the Nosferatu Warrens.


If a Nosferatu, travel to 609 King's Way via the sewers. Otherwise, take the taxi.

The only way into the house is to move to the back through the doors on the side of the property, then scale the trellis along the wall of the house. This will lead to the second floor, where a spiraling staircase leads to the third. Enter the house through the sliding glass door, whereupon Tzimisce creations will immediately attack. Kill the creatures, then grab the Mummywrap Fetish on the table in the second room. Descend the nearby stairs and fight into the living room, where a Fancy Ring can be acquired. Additionally, grab a Blood Pack and a Blue Blood Pack from the nearby refrigerator. Continue descending a couple more flights of stairs until reaching the basement.

At the bottom of the stairs to the basement, a conversation with the tape's creator — Sabbat Tzimsice Andrei — will trigger. He will discuss the creatures the fledgling has killed in the house, and the "inevitable" Gehenna that will doom everyone. Glean as much information out of him as possible, then enter combat. Andrei isn't difficult, but the creatures he sends can keep the fledgling occupied, to the point where he may teleport around the room without being hit. Once enough damage has been dealt, he will sink into the ground (6XP). At this point, the quest is complete. However, the double doorway in the basement leads into the Nosferatu Warrens, a multi-level area that can prove to be fairly difficult.

All information pertinent to navigate to the end of the Warrens and find Gary Golden is detailed in the quest The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus.

Quest Log

Log Entry
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: Upon receiving quest:
Isaac has identified the house in the snuff film as a house in the hills on King's Way. He has also surmised that you will need to confront the film's creator to gain access to the Nosferatu.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: After fighting the Tzimisce:
You have defeated the Tzimisce in his lair at 609 King's Way, and gained access to the sewers that will hopefully lead you to the Nosferatu. Now go on and find them! You should also tell Isaac about this later.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: After informing Isaac
You have told Isaac that you defeated the Tzimisce in his lair at 609 King's Way, and he promised you a gift in return.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: After getting the reward from Isaac:
You have told Isaac that you defeated the Tzimisce in his lair at 609 King's Way, and he gave you a gift for your help.
  • Quest Complete (Icon) Quest Complete


  • Mummywrap Fetish
  • Fancy Ring
  • Blood Pack
  • Blue Blood Pack


  • n/a


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