Gargoyle (Crest)
Name: Gargoyle
Plural: Gargoyles
Pronunciation: gahr'-goyl
Faction: Tremere
Discipline(s): Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika, Flight
The Gargoyles are a bloodline created by the Tremere as servitors. Although technically not a Tremere bloodline, the bloodline is largely under their control.


The Gargoyles were created via Thaumaturgy using the blood of three different clans: the Gangrel, the Nosferatu, and the Tzimisce. The blood was combined to form three specific types of Gargoyle: scouts (Gangrel-Nosferatu), warriors (Gangrel-Tzimisce), and sentinels (Nosferatu-Tzimisce). Warriors focus on Potence and combat Abilities; sentinels focus on Fortitude, Alertness and other such Traits; and scouts practise Stealth, Survival and the like.


Clans BrujahGangrelGiovanniMalkavianNosferatuToreadorTremereTzimisceVentrue
Bloodlines GargoyleNagaraja

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