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Name: Gangrel
Plural: Gangrel
Pronunciation: gang'-grehl
Nickname(s): Animals, Bêtes, Outlanders
Antediluvian: Ennoia
Faction: Independent
Camarilla (formerly)
Discipline(s): Animalism
Advantage(s): +5 to strength, wits and stamina during frenzy
Disadvantage(s): -1 on all frenzy checks
They fancy themselves loners and drifters, running around the countryside and barking at the moon. Hmph. It's all just an act. Gangrel can walk upright, they just choose not to.

The Gangrel are one of seven playable clans in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Gangrel, like the Brujah, are among the best vampire fighters. Unlike the Brujah, their ferocity stems from their animalistic instinct and rage, rather than anarchic anger. Gangrel are loners and prefer solitude; they're also the closest to nature and the beast than all the other vampire clans.


The Gangrel are considered the most feral and predatory of the Kindred, and because of their reclusive natures, animalistic tendencies and loose organization, are the least social of the Cainites, preferring solitude to society. They also tend to be extremely territorial and possessive; to enter a Gangrel's territory without permission is certain death. They do have their role and reputation among the kindred as fierce warriors, but to get a Gangrel to agree to work with others, even other Gangrel, can be a difficult, if not impossible, task.


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Notable GangrelEdit


  • The Gangrel are the only playable clan in the game that isn't part of the Camarilla. The Gangrel broke from them in 1999, four years before the game's events. 


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