Frenzy is a term describing a supernatural fight-or-flight reaction experienced by vampires.

Frenzy occurs when the Beast takes over the vampire's personality, usually a result of extreme stress such as starvation, pain or public humiliation. The primary purpose of the frenzy is to kill or otherwise neutralize the stimulus responsible for inducing it, so a vampire driven to frenzy from hunger will attempt to feed on anything he/she can catch whereas a character entering frenzy in combat will attempt to kill all nearby combatants.

The Kindred of the Camarilla consider frenzy dangerous, bestial and a sign of weak will and they try to avoid it whenever possible. Sabbat vampires may resist or Embrace frenzy (or "ride the wave") depending on their Path of Enlightenment.

Brujah are known for their short tempers and suffer a +2 difficulty to resist entering frenzy.

Within Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Brujah suffer -2 on frenzy checks and Gangrel suffer -1. If enabled several of the character histories also impact on the chance of frenzy.


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