Fetish Statue

Fetish Statue
Effect(s): n/a
Source(s): Museum of Natural History
Buying cost: n/a
Selling cost: n/a
Quest: Occultish Personality
A Fetish Statue. You can tell just from holding it, that there is something definitely odd and supernatural within it.

The Fetish Statue is an item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It is an optional pick-up needed in order to complete the side quest Occultish Personality. After completion, Pisha will reward the fledgling with The Odious Chalice.


The only way to acquire this item is after the quest Calling Dr. Grout, and during the quest Patron of the Ancient Arts, during which the Museum of Natural History is available to visit. After this quest has been completed, the Museum cannot be revisited again.

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