Ecaterina the Wise, known in the final nights as Katherine Weiss, was the leader of the Brujah in Prague, and later a Sabbat leader in New York City during the Final Nights. She is the sire of Christof Romuald, whom she sends on missions with another Brujah, Wilhelm Streicher.

In the past, Ecaterina the Wise had strong connections with Cappadocians and was one of the most respected Kindred in Europe. Her haven was the University of Prague. She was known for being a compassionate philosopher and scholar, siring Childer only to become thinkers. She sired Christof because of her respect for his abilities and because of her need for a man of action. She values loyalty above all and she is only driven by her dream of restoring Carthage, fiercely following the Promethean Brujah's way of thinking.

In New York City, she changed her name to Catherine Weiss, being a Sabbat leader, but hiding her true allegiance from the Camarilla.

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