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The console is an in-game command line tool that allows you to perform functions which are not normally possible.

Note: It is very important to note that all codes have the ability to potentially break your game/saves. Use the console with caution and remember to back up your saved games.

Enabling the consoleEdit

Make a shortcut to your "vampire.exe" file on your desktop, Start Menu, or wherever. Right click on the shortcut, choose properties, then add the following to the end of line in the "Target" field: -console — it should look something like this:

   "...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console

Be sure that there is a single space between the last quotation mark and the hyphen.

Accessing the consoleEdit

To open the console, press the "~" (tilde key) button in the top left corner of your keyboard.

Console commandsEdit

Type the following commands into the console after activating it.

Command Effect
Blood 500 Give Extra or Infinite Blood to withstand greater attacks
blood # Sets your blood pool to be # blood points.
cmdlist Shows a list of all the commands
giftxp # Gives the character # XP
give item_a_xxxx Gives armor of type xxxx
give item_p_occult_xxxx Gives occult item of type xxxx
give item_p_research_xxxx Gives skill book of type xxxx
give item_w_Sheriff_sword Gives you the Sheriff's sword!
give item_w_xxxx Gives weapon of type xxxx
god or godmode enable godmode
impulse 101 Gives all weapons, ammo and clothing
money x.xxChanges the bust size. Default 1.00, max 3.00
noclip Go through walls (enter again to disable)
notarget Invisible to enemies (enter again to disable)
vstats get stat # Raises stat [stat] to level # = 1-5
Debug_change_masquerade_level 1 Resets Masquerade Level
FindPlayer().ChangeMasqueradeLevel(1) same as above
Debug_infinite_ammo 2 Infinite Ammo
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