Computers for Grandma

Skill Book
Stat increase: Computers
Level: 0
Research requirement: 2
Location: Trip's Pawnshop
To begin, put the 'foot pedal' on the desk and push the power button on the metal box. This is the 'house' for your friend computer 'Chip', the enchanted electronic pixie that can do 4.8 billion calculations per second (WOW, that's fast, Chip!). Do you see an image on the 'magical computer window'...? Reading this will boost your Computer knowldge.
― In-game Description

The book Computers for Grandma is an item in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It is a skill book which when read boosts the characters computers skill.


  • Available for purchase from Trip's Pawnshop in Santa Monica.
  • In Unofficial Patch Plus, this has been moved to the first floor of the Medical Clinic.

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