Christof Romuald

Christof Romuald was a crusader and a warrior from the Dark Ages. He is one of the protagonists of the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption.

Christof arrived in Prague after he was separated from his warrior group. He was hurt, and was tended to by sister Anezka after he saved her from a pack of Tzimisce monsters. He became the hero of Prague when he cleared the Bonn mines, killing the Sabbat Tzimisce Azhra the Unliving.

This feat made every Kindred in the city wanting to sire him because of his faith and capabilities as a warrior. He was sired however by Ecaterina the Wise, a Promethean Brujah and one of the most civilised and intelligent vampires in Europe. Because of this new lifestyle as a Kindred, Christof was forced to leave Anezka.


Christof was a chivalrous and kind individual, who loved Anezka deeply, even as a vampire. 

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