Brotherhood Wall

The Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle is an organization whose members believe in the ascension to the Ninth Circle through murder, disease and forced control over people. In the Downtown area of Los Angeles, the Brotherhood has a great presence, using a plague to kill humans and make unsuspecting Kindred plague-bearers.

The Brotherhood headquarters is a building not far from the Tremere Chantry, which has a cranium symbol on the wall. The only way to access the building is to present a flyer to the receptionist inside.

The Brotherhood is also guarded by zombified plague-bearers that will attack the player on sight, usually with a bite that the player must shake off.

Known Members

  • Brother Kanker, Nosferatu plague-bearer and high-ranking member based in the sewers Downtown
  • Jezebel Locke, Toreador or Ventrue plague-bearer, as well a high-ranking member based at the Empire Hotel
  • Bishop Vick, a Toreador leader of the Brotherhood, based in a building in Downtown
  • 4th unnamed member killed by the Anarchs near the convention center

After the player kills every member of the Brotherhood, they are extinct from Los Angeles.

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