Brokk 17c

Brokk 17c
Type: Bullet
Base damage: 2
Lethality: 9
Rate of fire: 0.4
Range: 20
Spread angle: 4.0
Accuracy: 6
Criminal level: 3
Ammo: 18
Reload rate: 3.5
Value: $324
Item ID: item_w_glock_17c
A 9mm standard pistol with a polymer grip and guide rod (instead of metal) that makes it lighter than other pistols. It can be found in use by most law enforcement agencies.
― In-game Description

The Brokk 17c is a ranged weapon in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

It is chambered for 9x19mm ammunition, and has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds.





  • Probably because of the ingame model's relatively small size and lack of compensator ports, this weapon is often referred to as a Glock 19 in the various fan-patches made for the game.
  • It is the first semi-automatic firearm the fledgling may acquire.

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