Bloodlines Antitribu

Bloodlines Antitribu (Logo)
Author(s): Mv (Creator, Lead Developer – formerly)
Darknessimmortal669 (Lead Developer)
Lenusk@ (Developer)
Type: Patch
Latest version: 1.1 (January 29, 2016)
1.1 Hotfix (January 31, 2016)
Status: Complete, hotfixes and further patches in progress
Release date: February 5, 2015
Game: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
Download: ModDB
“The most anticipated expansion and modification of the cult classic "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines".”
―Official website

Bloodlines Antitribu is an expansion and modification developed for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


The project was first started in 2009 by Marvin and Lena – known as Mv and Lenusk@, respectively. Originally created as a simple Lasombra mod, Antitribu slowly evolved into the overhaul it is today. Previously the Lead Developer, Marvin has handed the reins over to newly appointed member and friend Darknessimmortal669. Having watched the mod's progress since January 2013, Darknessimmortal669 – also known as FleshArtist – became acquainted with Marvin and Lena through the forums after the mod's official release in February 2015.

Marvin will stay on the project until after 1.1 and a few other patches.


Bloodlines Antitribu adds seven new vampire clans and ten new Disciplines, plus new quests, maps, and over 100 new characters.[1]

Antitribu reshapes Bloodlines and makes it playable from a completely different aspect. The most noticeable changes are the seven new clans, their 12+ new Disciplines, and overhauled gameplay aspects – such as the ability to join the Sabbat, a previously hostile faction, and the opportunity to explore new locations. Over six hundred new characters have been added — which vary from humanoids such as hunters, vampires, mages, and zombies — to more complex creatures such as new monster bosses.

Non-player characters now have access to Disciplines, as opposed to the original game, where enemies had only passive effects and auras. Combat has been improved with unique mechanics, such as kicking and blocking. To balance this, enemies now have new powers and abilities, which may be devastating to the inexperienced.

The seven clans that are introduced in Bloodlines Antitribu are:

  • Tzimisce Antitribu – Known as Fiends, they are notorious for their cruelty and the ability to warp flesh. The handful of Camarilla Fiends use their abilities to be beautiful aristocrats rather than grotesque freaks.
  • Lasombra Antitribu – Wielders of Abyssal powers, the Lasombra are the Kings and Queens of Shadow. Though the Magisters are bitter rivals with the Ventrue, their most hated enemies are their Sabbat cousins.
  • Followers of Set - Claiming descent from the Egyptian god of storms and chaos, the Setites have a reputation as corruptors and purveyors of temptation. They are known for their serpentine shape-shifting abilities.
  • Giovanni – Affluent and wielding power over the dead, the Giovanni have been independent from the sects for centuries. Recently, a small number of Giovanni have defected to the Camarilla.
  • Old Clan Tzimisce – These Old World Fiends maintain the ancient traditions of their clan, including their grudge against the Tremere. Old Clan Fiends can wield their own powerful blood magic called Koldunism.
  • Nagaraja – Nagaraja must consume both blood and flesh to survive. These twice-cursed Flesh Eaters are the almost extinct legacy of ancient necromantic mages.
  • Samedi – The Haitian Samedi are necromancers and professional killers. Though fiercely independent, they often take Camarilla contracts.


  • Necromancy (Created by Lenuska)
Lv Name Description
1 Tremens Character can raise the dead. Allies are unable to attack, but can scare away mortal hostiles and be used as protection.
2 Apprentice's Brooms Character can summon three to four zombies. Allies are not yet strong enough to fight, and are mainly used as distractions.
3 Shambling Hordes Character can raise the dead. Allies are able to use small weapons, and will attack anyone who is hostile.
4 Soul Eating Character summons a ghost that can possesses hostiles, NPCs, and vampires. The ghost increases soak, damage, and speed. After 30–40 seconds, it explodes.
5 Daemonic Possession Character can summon Souls from the underworld.
  • Obtenebration
Lv Name Description
1 Shadow Play Character causes shadows to move unnaturally, disorienting nearby hostiles.
2 Shroud of Sight Character summons an aura of darkness which grants large stealth bonuses and causes some hostiles to flee in panic.
3 Arms of the Abyss Character summons a single tentacle of shadow which attacks enemies within its reach.
4 Black Metamorphosis Character becomes shrouded in a layer of shadow which provides armor against incoming attacks, and their body sprouts several black tentacles which attack and knock down nearby hostiles.
5 Tenebrous Form Character becomes a being of pure shadow, invulnerable to harm and capable of moving up walls and along ceilings, but also incapable of making physical attacks.
  • Animalism
Lv Name Description
1 - -
2 - -
3 Colony of Spiders Character can summon a swarm of poisonous spiders that damage hostiles.
4 - -
5 Howl of the Beast Character can summon two wolves to attack hostiles.
  • Vicissitude
Lv Name Description
1 Changeling Character can alter a target's body. Hostile will enter a state of shock and become immobilized. Can use on self to temporarily increase Appearance.
2 Fleshcraft Character can alter the flesh of a target, damaging their internal organs.
3 Bonecraft Character can remove the bones from an enemy. Hostile's body will explode as a result.
4 Horrid Form Character can transform into a monstrous beast that is incredibly strong, agile, and resistant to pain, and possesses bone-talons which deal aggravated damage.
5 Creation Szlachta Character can piece together flesh and bone from destroyed enemies, along with 5 blood points, to create and give life to a Szlachta war-ghoul.


  • Seven new major clans (Lasombra, Followers of Set, Old Clan Tzimisce, Samedi, Tzimisce, Nagaraja, Giovanni)
  • Eight additional clans available through companions (Brujah, Nosferatu, Toreador, Malkavian, Thin Bloods, humans, demon hunters, and gargoyles)
  • 11 new Disciplines with altered gameplay (Animalism, Dominate, Obtenebration, Serpentis, Koldunic Sorcery, Thanatosis, Necromancy, Vicissitude, Nihilistics)
  • Additional new gameplay elements:
    • Blood loss (does not damage health)
    • Kick
    • Player equipment
  • Completely reworked combat system:
    • New enemies
    • Mini-bosses
    • Bosses
    • New battles with old bosses
  • NPCs now have active and passive Disciplines
  • New weapons
  • Diverse damage system
  • All enemies have different models, weapons, and equipment
  • New item system:
    • Books and artifacts completely redesigned and moved
    • All artifacts have both bonuses and disadvantages. Some can be equipped.
    • Skill Research is needed to acquire information about all main items.
    • New elements highlighted by the Inspection skill
  • Increased difficulty
  • Random variables, i.e. new passwords or the effect of different Disciplines.


  • More than 600 new models
  • More than 1500 new textures
  • More than 2000 new sounds
  • New music
  • Common models have been replaced. i.e. pedestrians, clubbers, goths, dancers, waiters, security guards, cops, gang members, etc.
  • NPCs have layered clothing and gear. Many companions have new or alternative models and textures — such as Heather Poe, Yukie, and Jeanette Voerman.
  • New models and textures for vehicles.
    • Some cars can be interacted with.
  • Disciplines, weapons, NPCs, maps, and clubs have different sound effects and music.

Maps & quests

Note: Due to the Sabbat ending and main quest being incomplete, all Sabbat maps and quests have been disabled.
  • Two "semi-main" quests
  • Four new maps
  • Random events
  • Side quests
  • New cutscenes


  • New main menu
  • New intro
  • New loading screens
  • New HUD
  • New descriptions for items
  • New particles and gore effects
  • Adult only content
  • Dark humor
  • Full voice acting
  • Pop culture references
  • "Respecting application" of the World of Darkness setting


Bloodlines Antitribu has an average community rating of 8.1, as voted by 77 users, with 61% giving it a ten out of a possible ten.[2] It is the 244th most popular mod on ModDB. The lowest rated review cites "well made models and professional-level voice acting," but also reports glitches and balance issues concerning clans, as well as limited customization for skills.

PC Gamer Magazine (Issue 267, July 2015) calls it an "expansive and all-encompassing overhaul", and that its main attraction can be attributed to its new clans, which are derived from the original pen-and-paper RPG.


Antitribu contains Companion Mod, as well as all of its features. Clan Quest Mod, Final Nights, Camarilla Edition, and the latest update of Wesp5's unofficial patch are not compatible with Antitribu.


  • Antitribu is a term used to describe a division within a vampire clan.




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