Blood Pack
A bag of blood routinely used in hospitals for transfusions. Using it restores blood points.
―In-game description

Blood Packs are usable items in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. They are medical packs filled with Vitae. Kindred use these packs in order to gain nourishment when no other source is readily available.

There are three types of blood packs:

  1. Blood Pack. The most common of the three blood packs, this standard pack will restore three blood points when used. The best source for these will be Vandal Cleaver in the basement of the Medical Clinic in the Santa Monica district.
  2. Blue Blood Pack. A rarer find than the standard pack, but can still be purchased from Vandal. It will restore five blood points when used.
  3. Elder Vitae. An extremely rare item in Bloodlines, it can only be obtained from a handful of locations. Vandal will eventually sell it at a high price, but not until very late in the game. It completely restores the blood bar when consumed.

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