• Night Vision


    September 13, 2015 by Night Vision

    After spending several months working on this Wiki, I think there is something more I can do here – for this, I need to become part of the administration. I have some ideas and improvements that I could implement only with admin rights (like, for example, new layout). Given Hinged’s relative inactivity, I don’t believe it’s a bad idea to have another admin here, especially when I’m actually here every day and I’m controlling the situation. I had already left an adoption request, and I’m told to inform active users about this matter. What do you think?

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  • Chronias

    Velia LeQuella is an unconventional Salubri elder. Being a self-contained virtual paradox as this sounds, likely due to her non-standard-ness a successful survivor of the Tremere campaign to dishonor, usurrp and effectively destroy this now dwindling bloodline of hers. Once a full-fledged clan of mystic healers and knights of valor, in nights passed also called "Unicorns" (after the charge on their coat of arms), when the Salubri were honored by both Kindred and Kine and served as distinguished assets of Princes, and mortal peronages of power. Now-a-nights they are at best shunned or at worst hunted on sight bearing the nicname "Cyclops" or "Soul-suckers" respectively.

    By vocation she was originally a mystic healer herself but in her more pr…

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  • LordofBraxis

    VTM Universe

    December 22, 2013 by LordofBraxis

    Hey guys. Let's interact a bit! Tell me here why do you like Vampire: The Masquerade universe!

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