This page lists all Armors in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Armor type Image Description Armor rating Stat penalty
Light Clothing
This is the most basic and unrestrictive clothing. Examples would be T-shirts, khakis, sun dresses and pleated skirts. 0 None
Heavy Clothing
This is a set of heavy clothing, which acts as armor. Examples would be jackets, coats, thick sweaters, and sturdy trousers. 1 None
Light Leather
Light leather
This is a set of light leather clothing. Some examples of light leather clothing are leather jackets, leather skirts, and leather gloves and boots. 2 -1 Dexterity
Heavy Leather
Heavy leather
This is a set of heavy leather clothing. Some examples of heavy leather clothing are studded or reinforced leather jackets, girded leather pants, and hard leather gloves and boots. 3 -1 Dexterity
Body Armor
Body armor
Most of these protective compounds are worn under clothing, for that extra ounce of "not gonna die tonight". 4 -2 Dexterity

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