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Anezka was a nun who lived in a convent in Prague during the Crusades. She became afterwards a ghoul for Vukodlak, a methuselah of the clan Tzimisce and later, a leader of the Sabbat. She is the driving force behind much of the plot of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption.


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Dark AgesEdit

In a move designed to torment Christof (in retaliation for dispatching Ahzra), the nun is kidnapped and turned into a ghoul, a servitor to Vampires addicted to Vampire blood. This changes Christof's part in the course of events, since he is now being wracked with guilt as he feels his affection towards Anezka led her down a path of sin. Christof swears to face the Vampires who took her and restore her Humanity.

Final NightsEdit

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Christof eventually finds the Vampires responsible for the kidnapping of his love, only to find the pure woman of God that he fell in love with is now a twisted, violated creature of the night who shuns him as an emotional weakling, serving to an Infernalist Tzimisce plotting to avert Gehenna by destroying all the Antediluvians. After destroying her master Vukodlak and freeing her from his thrall he sired her.


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