A Severed Arm

A Severed Arm
Type: Bashing
Base damage: 2
Speed: 1.0
Lethality: 9
Knockback chance: 0.4
Criminal level: 4
Value: n/a
Item ID: item_w_severed_arm
Although the previous owner probably misses it, you can still put it to good use.
―In-game Description

A severed arm is a melee weapon in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


It can first be acquired during A Bounty for the Hunter. After finding Carson in his cell, Gimble will enter the room, swinging this severed arm. It can be picked up after killing him. Another severed arm can be acquired during the Dead Ex quest by following the ambushed courier into the sewers.

If Pisha is alive and willing to trade with the Protagonist, they can sell the severed arm to her for 10$.

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